How to Search for Graves in this Website

During the project, students, teachers and graduates from the Reut School in Jerusalem create records of Jewish cemeteries in Poland.

You can use this site to search our database of memorial monuments.

Headstones are organized by their location in the cemetery. The number of each monument is divided into four digits:

For example, if the number of the position is 10412 means that it is located in 10, line 4, and which is the monument to the 12th row.

Counting tombstones line is always done from left to right when reading the headstone, and includes tombstones broken or not documented in the readings.

We wrote the numbers on the tombstones tombstones themselves. In addition, the site includes maps of cemeteries, which may facilitate the orientation them. Feel comfortable to contact us to find out the location before you left.

In many places, her condition was not really in line, so she got a number with a decimal point. For example, 1213.1 is at 1213.